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Online Remote Proctoring Exam Experience Make Best in-Class

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How Online Remote Proctoring Works ?

The set-up procedure for an online proctored exam in simple and quick
1 Register & Authenticate
  • AI Based Photo Verification
  • Human Based Photo Verification
2 System Environment Check
  • Secure Browser
  • Internet Speed Check
  • Audio & Video Check
3 During Exam
  • Record & Review Based Proctor
  • AI Based Proctor
  • Human Based Live Proctoring
4 Report & Analytics
  • Result Generation
  • Auditor Log Report
  • Credibility Report

Secure Proctored Exam Browser

Regulate The Exam Environment Effectively With Our Secure Exam Browser
Browser & Tabs
Screen Sharing & Virtual Machines
Cut, Copy & Paste
Search Engine & Other Website
Data Sharing
External Ports & Printing

Session Assessment & In-depth analysis of user behaviour and actions

Session Details
Test Analysis
Activity Log
  • Proctoring Session Details
  • Candidate Test Analytics
  • Candidate photo and id verification log
  • Candidate Activity logs
  • Alert Analysis

Live Monitoring of Tests & Proctor Review

Certified proctors are allotted for monitoring the test takers during the entire online examination.
  • Live monitoring of candidate
  • Raise a flag for suspicious activity
  • Proctor Review and comment

Exam Analytics Dashboard and Watch Sessions in Real-time

View Proctors
Think Exam proctoring system provides an intuitive Analytics Dashboard and Watch Sessions in Real-time
  • Resource Management
  • View live status of exam/test taker’s activities
  • Monitor Proctor Activity
  • Set permissions and admin roles as per your need.

High-Stake Examination Process Management

Regulate The Exam Environment Effectively With Our Secure Exam Browser
Pre Examination Activity
  • Registration
  • Mock Test
  • support Helpline
Exam Day Activity
  • Question Paper Upload
  • Attendance
  • Verification
  • AI & Human Based Exam Monitoring
Post Exam Activity
  • Result Generation
  • Audit & Logs
  • RTI Handling & Support

Why Think Exam for Online Proctoring

Accountability Security measured by outcomes, not just features.
  • Monthly analytics reports
  • Test-taker satisfaction surveys
  • Watch test-takers complete exams in real-time
  • committed to industry accreditation and compliance
Service & Support Here to help you when you need it most.
  • Free technical support for test-takers
  • Dedicated account manager for every admin
  • Exam facilitator hotline
  • 250+ service and support staff
Integration Fits into your existing system.
  • LMS & exam delivery integrations
  • Robust API
  • Partnerships with major content providers
  • Streamlined exam creation process
IMPLEMENTATION Helping you start out on the right foot.
  • Structured on boarding process
  • Review and development of integrity policies
  • Ongoing training always available as your program grows
  • Customizable to your unique needs
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