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Assessments with AI

With AI-powered remote proctoring, you can administer flexible examinations both remotely or on-premises while maintaining integrity. We offer AI proctoring for smart monitoring, Live for real-time monitoring, and record & review for post-exam audit.

Think Learn

With its interactive classrooms, tests, and study materials, Think Exam leads the way in e-learning technologies. Comprehensive learning experiences are ensured through live streaming and thorough exam assessments.

360 Degree Reports & Insights

Gain in-depth knowledge about candidates with the use of smart analytics, tailored metrics, and easily accessible reports. Examine a variety of reports, including the Individual Proficiency Reports, High Potential Evaluator, Personality Profiler, 360 Leadership Profiler, and Personality Insights, among others.

Campus Hiring

Our hiring solutions cover Campus Recruitment, offering smart registration, scheduling, and AI scoring. Explore diverse assessments, AI-driven proctoring, event monitoring, conversion examination, cost analytics, and AI-powered Live Video interviews.

Lateral Hiring

Simplify your recruitment process by locating and attracting skilled professionals with specialized skills allowing your company to rapidly expand its talent pool and achieve strategic objectives through AI-driven reports, live interviews, and diverse skill assessments.

Talent Assessment Platform

Worldwide, we offer all-inclusive solutions for Talent Acquisition, Management, and Transformation. Take advantage of AI-driven data security and professional assistance at any time. We offer Advancing Staff Equality, Excellence and Employability Certification catering to various sectors.

Live Video Interviews

Experience high-quality, low-bandwidth communication, ideal for low-internet environments. Schedule flexible interviews to accommodate any number of participants. Maximise learning with AI-powered insights and feedback. Ensure fairness by employing AI to detect secondary devices and flag potential cheating.

Vast Test Library

Think Exam offers an extensive test library, encompassing Behavioral, Functional, Aptitude, and Skill-Based Assessments. Assessing soft and hard Skills, it caters to diverse industries and job profiles.

Skill Based Simulations

Think Exam offers a wide range of exams, including behavioral, functional, aptitude, and skill-based assessments. It serves to a wide range of industries and job profiles by assessing communication, project management, coding skills etc.

Think Exam's worldwide service spans diverse time spheres

From various sectors globally, we serve governments, corporates, and educational institutions, addressing learning, assessment and upskilling