Accommodating the right talent at the right place

Talent is fast becoming the big difference between success and failure, growth and stagnation, innovation v/s catching up. We have set a benchmark in the market for delivering the best results in the market. We are A certified database of job seekers rated on various competencies spanning language, aptitude, behavior, and functional skills, Think Exam recruiting solutions have proven to be one of the most efficient mechanisms to recruit talent on merit.

Large Scale Talent Sourcing

Think Exam consist a large set of certified data across multiple roles and skills. Our Omni Channel platform for attracting candidate adds millions of potential candidates in our database every year.

Industry Talent Search Program

The fourth industrial revolution has begun and offers attractive opportunities for industrial companies. The essence of the Industry 4.0 vision, the " Internet of Things ", is the ubiquitous connection of people, things and machines. Through the Industrial changes and growing digitization, the need for employees with a foundation in mathematics, data science, and information technology, in particular, has increased. Next Generation Students would require appropriate skill set to meet the requirement of the industry. ' Industry 4.0 Think Exam ' Certification strives an opportunity for candidates to become industry ready to meet the growing demand.

Large Scale
Large Scale

National Talent Hunt

National Talent Hunt is suitable for mass hiring, it gives you an opportunity to hire high-quality professionals for various parts of the country. Think Exam is the prominent name in the market for organizing National Talent Assessment for fast and quality hiring. Our experts ensure to design a domain-specific test as per your need.

Skill & Vocational Talent Search

Skill-based mass hiring dataset present for hiring candidate fit for different job roles. We help in the recruitment of welders, industrial supervisor, travel agent, Tele callers. Etc. Large number of assessment available content to determine a candidate fit for specific job roles. We have more than 5000+ candidate and 100+ tie-ups with various institutes working under.

Employability Certification test

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