As job roles become increasingly specialized in the modern business environment, assessing potential and existing workforce on their functional skills and capabilities is emerging as a critical enabler of success. NASSCOM and BCG estimate that by 2024, 50-60% of the country's IT professionals will require re-skilling in disruptive technologies to match the pace of disruption. It is clear that re-skilling the workforce is the way forward for India.

Think Exam's domain assessments help organizations measure a wide variety of industry skills and can be combined with other types of assessments – such as communication and cognitive skills assessment - to deliver a holistic candidate profile for specific job roles.

The scale of Job Specific Competencies with Logically Created Tests


Discerning the competencies on the basis of job role and organization in a specific manner.


Designing an assessment which would consist of skills and subskills according to specific job competencies.


Capability-wise content creation, from our repository or with the help of SMEs.


Designing assessments & Reports from a pattern of question types and as per customization request. Creating assessments or a report from a significant pattern of questions.

Job specific test

"Job Specific Test that Covers an Extensive Variety of Core Corporate Functions, Industries & Skills
One Stop Solution for all Your Technical Tests Needs"

Job Specific


  • Choose a systematic functional test from Think exam's exclusive library of Pre-built tests. These tests are customized to various kind of job roles and competencies.
Job Specific


  • Connect with our experts - Get designed a skill test with the help of our experts according to your framework.
Employability Certification test

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