Three offering of using Coding & Hackathon Solution
Widen your talent pipeline with the hackathon to personalized your hiring needs. It would be beneficial in product awareness and enhance innovation. Collaborate with Think Exam and embrace the unique way of hiring the professionals. With Think Exam you can conduct a hackathon without any hassle. Spotting the right talent with actionable insights and receive feedback. Upskilling: Enhancing the level of the workforce Ensure that your team is future-ready through the assessment-driven learning program. It is helpful in employee retention, engagement, and contribution to the business.
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Upskill and reskill your employees with Think Exam with cutting edge technology and industry experts. Determining the employees coding skills and tech-abilities with pre and post-assessment, Custom-made tests based on Learning and Development strategy and High-quality content module for encouraging self-learning.
Recruiting: Spotting the right talent faster
To make an appropriate hiring decision your organization would require actionable and reliable data. Think Exam allows you to evaluate developers and data scientists by receiving deep insight from the industry experts. You can assess your candidate with the coding test panel across the globe. You can leverage the panel to evaluate the candidate based on the technical competencies. Spot the candidates who are meeting your standards with the coding test skill report.
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How does it work:
1 doesitworks Initiate the Think Exam coding platform and see test instructions
Conduct Effective Hackathon
2 doesitworks Select the type of Test: MCQ or Test case-based
Conduct Effective Hackathon
3 doesitworks Determine the source type to start the live test
Conduct Effective Hackathon
circle coding
4 doesitworks Check the instructions carefully and save the test
Conduct Effective Hackathon
5 doesitworks Organize and run the program
Conduct Effective Hackathon
6 doesitworks See the assessment results and submit the assessment.
Conduct Effective Hackathon


Unified Assessment Platform

Combined programming environment consisting of build compile and test stage.

All-Inclusive Software Development

Full-fledged software development Assessment

Auto Evaluation

Exceptional assessment platform with auto-evaluation

Comprehensive Programing Language Library

Assessment comprising of a vast range of Library of the programming language

Standardized coding structure

Consistent submission and coding structure

Project-based Testing

Candidates would be assessed based on the project.

Interactive coding Interview

Seamless online experience with one to one or group with an effective interview.

AI-assisted Interview

In-depth insights into the candidate’s coding and an applicant’s state of mind with AI-powered interview.

Record & Replay

Save time and record the entire interview for further feedback.

Quick Decision making

The comprehensive report makes it easy to shortlist the candidates.

Accurate and Effective

Shortlisting the candidates faster and reducing interview efforts.

Employability Certification test

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