About Us

We are a technology-led company since launching our first software-based offering. Building on those foundations, we have grown our people solutions business by innovation on new platforms and leading the way by developing one of the earliest Software as a Service (SaaS) model websites. To continue this growth, we are keen to explore new and existing technology that can provide real value to our customers and business.


Why choose Think Exam?

Seamless integration on a cutting edge technical
platform - the candidate won't have to leave one
platform to access the assessments

Ginger Personality Analysis, enabling
you to generate a star rating for each candidate
and filter based on assessment results


Ongoing support available for agreed timescales
within office hours, with a global network of
Ginger Webs support available if required

We look to lead and innovate in our industry
through the use of technology. If you would like to discuss how the Ginger Webs tools and platform can provide value to your service, please get in contact.

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