Why you should choose Think Exam?

No Set Up

No set up required

Think Exam is an online assessment platform for reaching out to the leading corporates of the market. A candidate does not require any setup to give the test. He or she can give the test anywhere and anytime.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

It is the most effective way of reaching out to the various companies. We ensure to provide a detailed report of your personality based on various competencies.

Selection Ratio

Selection Ratio

The candidate is selected on the various competencies and based on the test given by the aspirant. It is apt for filling out the multiple positions in the corporate.



Think Exam plays a vital role in selecting the right candidate for the organization. This would be helpful in saving your time and money in the recruitment process.

Auto Evaluated

Auto Evaluated Test

Think Exam is an inventive platform which consists of an ease platform to auto-evaluated the candidate. It gives you the report instantly just after giving the test. It is helpful in saving time and money.

Accessing to relavent

Accessing to relevant Resumes

once you have given the test and you received the report, it would directly go to various corporates and they can easily access to the resume.

Add-on Benefits

  • E-recruit We do campus visits on behalf of the organizations and can demonstrate the work culture, ethics and opening available in the organization for fresher. We can distribute the material given to us by the organizations amongst the candidates as a part of promotional strategy.
  • E-recruit We initiate brand building activities in the campus and also conduct Talent Hunt as part of recruitment drives.
  • E-recruit We have got our own team of test invigilators that are sent on the campus.
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