Managing Complete Examination Process with Exam Management System

An improved hiring process can streamline the development of the company.Exam Management System solutions offered by us can be tailored as per your organization needs and requirements. We are willing to organise complete process of examination or any individual service as per the exam specification. We are Examination conducting company which provide end to end exam management software solutions. Start receiving applications and fees online in minutes!

Advantages of having Think Exam Platform

  • It is cost effective as it minimizes the operational cost.
  • It is result oriented and it saves time in planning and coordination.
  • There is no geographical constraint as it reaches large candidate.
  • It is secured and reliable, it prevents content leak.
Exam Certification Vector

Conduct Online Exams in a Safe & Professional Environment
with the help of Remote Proctoring.

Real-Time Recording

Captures a real-time image, audio- video of the user's action.


In-depth analysis of the candidate


Proctoring can accessible on IOS and Android

Browser Policy

Navigation check and disabling copy/paste option.

Invigilation Provision

Real-Time interaction through the chat box and candidate blocking.

Local Development

Private recording with restricted connectivity

Configurable Alert

Notification in case of suspicious activity


An accessible dashboard for private recording

Avoiding Fraudulence

Preventing test from fraudulence during the time of the test.

No overhead Cost

Administering the test and avoiding the overhead resource.

exam certification

Employability Certification

We are the leading name in the organization for giving wings to freshers to enter the corporate world. Think Exam gives proper certification and deep insight about the candidate after giving the test.

Excellence certification

Excellence Certification

Think Exam plays a vital role in redefining your education with our platform. After giving the assessment you ll get the percentile and insight about your performance. This would reach out to leading corporates of the market.

Advancing Certification

Advancing staff Equality Certification

There are various levels of the test as per the qualification. Think Exam offers the test at various levels. We offer Advancing staff equality certification after the completion of the test.

Employability Certification test

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