Sources of staffing


Job Board

Different job portals that open your access to unlimited resumes online. Job Portal plays a role in accessing numerous resumes at a time.


Off-Campus Placement Drive

Host a job fair and the candidates will turn up to drop their resumes which gives an easy way to reach out to large job seekers. Job fairs can help you in reaching out to the mass candidates and it can streamline the recruitment process. Also, it is easy for the recruiters to reach out to them.


On-campus Placement Drive

Collaborating with universities and colleges opens up the gate to a large pool of candidates who can be hired for the entry-level position.


Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter plays a vital role in connecting with the numerous candidates also it is helpful in executing the marketing strategy.

Our Approach

It can be an exhausting task to carry on with the hiring technique which is not lucrative to your business plan. Think Exam as a staffing company strive to your concern with better skills in planning, sourcing and conducting interviews, as mass recruitment is not just about quantity but also the quality of hires. Staffing is one of the most cost effective and beneficial services that suit the needs of our clients. As a dedicated staffing partner our focus is entirely aimed at contemplating the following key points

  • Our approach What is your foremost priority in the bulk hiring process?
  • Our approach What is the time duration to fill out all the vacancies?
  • Our approach What pool of candidates do you intend to hire from?
  • Our approach What is the estimate of your budget?
Our Approach
 Job fair

Job Fair

Job fair is a fruitful opportunity to find capable workforce. Key ingredients of a successful job fair are creativity, strategy and complete know-how of the requirement. A job fair is a huge event and we make sure to implement a strong planning group that can cater to the necessities of the event. Fundamentals of a successful job fair at Think Exam.

  • Our Approach

    Choose an appropriate date, time and venue to organize the fair.

  • Our Approach

    Deciding on a specific industry or area that needs to be targeted.

  • Our Approach

    Sending of invitations around three months in advance to the event.

  • Our Approach

    Planning an appropriate marketing plan for the job fair.

  • Our Approach

    An organized checklist to refer a day before to the event.

Campus Recruitment

According to Student Career Insight Survey, Campus recruitment is the third most popular way to extract talent for your organization, the reason why colleges need to be on your recruiting radar. With our extensive reach to multiple colleges, we recruit and retain people who are suitable for your work culture and support your goal and values.

Employability Certification test

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