Structured Interview sessions help to cut-down screening
interview time of candidates & interviewer.

  • Maximum Flexibility

    Maximum Flexibility

    Enables you to interview more candidates, much faster and with fewer recruiter resources.

  • Decision Marketing

    Consistent & Data Driven Decision Marketing

    All interviews are recorded and you can review the interview anytime, you can easily share it on the panel and make an informed decision.

  • Interview Experince

    Candidate & Interviewer Experience

    Improve candidate communications, personalize your outreach and automate notifications to keep everyone in the loop

  • Low Bandwidth

    High Quality & Low Bandwidth

    Connect to the remotest of the candidate on a low bandwidth network.

  • Schedule Demo

    Book a session with one of our customer success specialists.

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How live Interviews works?
Our Approach

Schedule Date and Time

  • Our approach Select the slot to meet your candidate based on your availability.
  • Our approach Send Email invitation for e-Interview Board Room to applicant.
Our Approach

e-Interview Board Room

  • Our approach Click on the Interview Board Room link.
  • Our approach You and Your candidate would enter the board room.
  • Our approach Save the entire e-Interview Board Room Session for future reference.
Our Approach


  • Our approach Review the interview recording and use the interview evaluation feature to taking a valuable decision.
  • Our approach Focus on the key parts of the interview.
  • Our approach Share the live interview video with your hiring authority.
  • Our approach Refer to the live video interview in the near future.
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